2019 Korean Performance Contest


The Korean Education Centre in Sydney is hosting 2019 Korean Performance Contest, inviting students interested in the Korean language and culture to participate in the event. The details of the contest are as follows:

◈ Eligibility

The contest is open to all students (Background and Non-background) from kindergarten to Year 12, who are participating in school-based Korean language learning.


◈ Final Contest

       √ Time and Date : 13:00 ~ 16:30, Friday 20 September 2019

       √ Venue : The Westin Sydney, Level 6, Heritage Ballroom, 1 Martin Place Sydney NSW 2000


Participants are asked to submit a recorded performance or a piece of artwork to the judging panel, who will then select and invite the

     best performers/artists to perform or show their work live at the final contest.

The final contestants must obtain permission from their schools.



◈ Application Details

      √ Closing Date : Friday 23 August 2019

      √ Application Download : → “NOTICE’’ → “2019 Korean Performance Contest’’

      √ Submission  Address    :

  Korean Education Centre

  Consulate General of the Republic of Korea

  Suite 601, 287 Elizabeth St Sydney NSW 2000

  E :

√ General Enquiries : T (02) 9261 8033


◈ Contest Format


► Artworks

Any form of presentation using the written Korean Language such as reciting poetry, illustrated booklets, drawing, or handicrafts.



You may choose one of the following topics: ‘Korea’, ‘Korean Culture’, ‘Korean Food’, ‘Korean Tour’

√ The final stage contestants should explain about their works for up to 2-3 minutes in Korean with artworks on the stage.

√ Size of the artwork: no bigger than the size of A3.


       ► The Performances

The subject, content and form of the performances must be related to Korean culture (for example, Korean traditional dance, musical performance, dramatic performance, Taekwondo, K-pop dance, K-pop song, performing a skit etc.)

The contestants in Korean traditional dance and musical performance will be given extra points


The final stage contestants should explain about their works for up to 2-3 minutes in Korean before their performance.

Students may participate as individuals or as a group

Length of Performance: 4-5 minutes

Artworks or a file / USB / YouTube clip showing his / her performance should be sent with the application form.

◈ Prizes

All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation.

       √ The prizes will be awarded to the most outstanding participants.


Category                    /                    Division                    /        Prize

Artworks                                    Primary (Year 1~6)           1st  $200
                                                                                              2nd  $100  
                                                                                              3rd  $50

                                          High School (Year 7~12)          1st  $300
                                                                                             2nd  $200  
                                                                                             3rd  $100

Live Stage Performances           Primary (Year 1~6)         1st  $300
                                                                                            2nd  $200
                                                                                            3rd  $100

                                           High School (Year 7~12)        1st  a round-trip plane ticket
                                                                                            2nd  $300
                                                                                            3rd  $200

Video Clip Performances           Primary (Year 1~6)        1st $150
                                                                                           2nd $100
                                                                                           3rd $70

                                            High School (Year 7~12)       1st $200
                                                                                            2nd $150
                                                                                            3rd $100



-The prizes may be subject to change.  

-Around $4,300 in prizes will be offered in the final stage contest.

-A round-trip plane ticket to Seoul will be given to the First Prize for the Performance category in the High School division sponsored by ASIANA AIRLINES in Sydney.

-The Performers who do not attend the final contest they will be transferred to the Category of Video Clip Performance.

-The 1st winner of the Primary and High School Divisions for the Live Stage Performances will be invited to perform for ‘the 30th Anniversary Celebration of the Korean Education Centre’ on the 20th of September at 6:00 PM at the Westin Sydney. The finish time for the performances are expected to be around 7:00 PM.